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Miniature DC/DC Converters

Feature High Voltage Isolation

The low cost V3 Series of 2 Watt dc/dc converters are supplied in subminiature SIP or DIP packages with isolation voltages of 1,000VDC or 3,000VDC. Input voltage ranges include 5, 12,  24 or 48VDC. Single output voltages range from 3.3 to 24VDC. Unites with dual output voltages from +3.3 to +24VDC are also available. All isolated outputs are regulated and have low ripple. No heat sinks are required. These economical compact converters are ideal for use in hand-held portable equipment or where space and weight are critical. A total of 256 models are available.

Operating temperature range is -40oC to +85oC without any compromise in performance. Efficiencies up to 82% are obtained due to high switching frequencies. SIP package size is 0.76" X 0.37" X 0.24" and 0.80" X 0.30" X 0.27" for the DIP package.

Priced: Start at $4.95 in quantities of 1000 pieces.

Delivery: Typically 3-6 weeks.

  See the data sheet in pdf format


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